Washington County Durham


Memories of Fatfield / Harraton

Refurbishment of The War Memorial

Fatfield / Harraton War Memorial

1922:  The Original Memorial was unveiled on the summit of Worm Hill.   Note Penshaw Monument in the first Worm Hill image.
1928:  A severe gale toppled the Memorial and it was decided to reduce its height by removing the Celtic Cross and bringing the remaining column to a point.
1997:  The Truncated Memorial was moved from Worm Hill and resited on Bonemill Lane - between the 'Old Coop Building' and Fatfield Bridge.
2012:  The Memorial was refurbished and a new Celtic Cross was fitted.  It was made by Banker Mason, Paul Bennett of Classic Masonry, North Shields.

[ Thanks to Anne, Tracy, Keith, Peter and Sunderland Antiquarian Society.   Keith's New Cross Installation photographs were taken 27 - 28 June 2012. ]