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Washington Glebe School (2 of 5)

Washington Glebe School - 1950, Class (unknown)

Glebe School - Class (unknown), 1950


Washington Glebe School - 1956, 1st Year

Glebe School - 1956


Washington Glebe School - c.1956

Glebe School - c.1956


Washington Glebe School Trophy - Cycling Proficiency Tests, 1956

Cycling Proficiency Tests 1956

Thanks to Ken Reay for supplying this photograph, dated 19th July 1956.  It shows some of the pupils who took part in that year's Cycling Proficiency Tests.
The tests were open to all schools in the Washington area and were held near Gainsborough Avenue / Reynolds Avenue, close to Oxclose Road.
Ken says, "I think this Sunderland Echo photograph was taken behind the Victoria Hotel."  That's him holding the Winner's Trophy!
It was presented by Washington UDC Chairman W. Trotter JP.  Terence Smith of Usworth School is on the far right.

Washington Glebe School - GCE Form visit House of Commons, 1956/57

Visit to Commons

Mr & Mrs Carr take a party of Glebe GCE Pupils to the House of Commons

Their host for the visit was Mr Norman Pentland, ex-Harraton ('Cotia) Miner and MP for Chester-le-Street, which included Washington.

[ Thanks to Peter Wardle for supplying this picture and the following names. ]

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Group Members Numbered

Some group members have been identified:

1. Joan Hepplewhite,  6. Anne Wilson,  8. Eddie Pickford,  9. Peter Robinson,  10. Sylvia Riley,  15. Norman Pentland MP,
16. Bob Ashmore,  18. Bob Jopling,  20. Mrs Carr,  21. John Avery,  22. Mr Thomas Carr,  27. Cynthia Marsden.

[ For more information on Norman Pentland MP:  Go to What's Where; Collieries; Washington Mining MPs. ]

Washington Glebe School - 1957, 3rd GCE Class

Glebe School - 1957, 3rd GCE Class

[ Thanks to Dr Ken Reay for providing this splendid photograph and to Peter Wardle for supplying the names.  Background: Glebe Crescent. ]

Washington Glebe School - 1957/58, Form IVa

Glebe School - 1957/58, Form IVa

Teacher: Miss Baker (Mrs Peacock - French)