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Front Street & New Inn viewed from Victoria Road

New Inn Corner - Then 1
THEN  (1 of 2)
Front Street, New Inn, Spout Lane and Victoria Road


New Inn Corner - Now 1.
NOW  (1 of 2)
The main road has been moved to the left and the entrance to Spout Lane has been pedestrianized

[ Photo: J.G. 19th Jan 2017 ]

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New Inn & Victoria Road viewed from Front Street

New Inn Corner - Then 2
THEN  (2 of 2)
Front Street, Predecessor to the Bird Inn, New Inn & Spout Lane.  Cross Victoria Road to New Rows & Manor Road.

[ Posted by kind permission of Beamish Museum Resource Centre ]


New Inn Corner - Now 2.
NOW  (2 of 2)
The main road and pedestrian precinct, middle-right, stand on the former site of New Rows.

[ Photo: J.G. 23rd Jan 2017 ]


Spout Lane, The Coop & Victoria Road

New Inn Corner - Then 3
THEN  (1 of 2)
The Cooperative Store on Spout Lane was New Washington's very own super-store.

[ The Butchery Department had its own abattoir.  Once, in the Butcher's Shop with my Mam, I was allowed to hold the bolt gun.  Wow! ]


New Inn Corner - Now 3.
NOW  (1 of 2)
Vivienne told me that this corner building will be refurbished, starting November.

[ Photo: J.G. 18th Oct 2017 ]

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The Coop viewed from Spout Lane

Spout Lane / Coop - Then 2
THEN  (2 of 2)
Main Building: Drapery / Department / Dairy Dept / Greengrocery.   New Inn Corner - Victoria Road - New Rows Terrace.

[ The alley between The Coop Buildings leads to the Alexandra Theatre, later the Regal Cinema.  In 1904, New Rows was in the Parish of Usworth. ]


Spout Lane / Coop - Now 2.
NOW  (2 of 2)
Spout Lane is no longer a through road and the New Inn is now called the New Tavern.

[ Photo: J.G. 30th Oct 2017 ]


Front Street viewed via Victoria Road

Victoria Road / Ritz - Then
Photograph taken at the junction of Victoria Road, Blue House Lane and Heworth Road.
Note the sign pointing along Heworth Road and its shadow, bottom-centre.

[ N.B. This image combines good and poor quality versions of the same picture.   The best version didn't contain the road sign and the poor version omitted the shadow. ]


Victoria Road - Now.
The main road runs where New Rows houses once stood and the site of the former Ritz Cinema is now a Co-op Funeral Parlour.

[ Photo: J.G. 10th Jan 2017 ]


Saint Bede's Church

Saint Bede's Church - construcion
Saint Bede's R.C. Church was built in 1965.

[Entrance to Coach Road Estate from Heworth Road - opposite Douglas Terrace. ]


Saint Bede's Church - 23 April 2018
Half a Century Later.

[ Photo: J.G. on Saint George's Day, 2018 ]


Map 1951
THEN - 1951
Saint Bede's School, but no Coach Road Estate!

[ School between 'The Flat Tops' and High Row. ]


Map circa early 1960s
THEN - Early 1960s
Saint Bede's School & The Coach Road Estate - no Saint Bede's Church, yet!

[ The Cross marks the future location of Saint Bede's Church. ]

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Saint Bede's School

Saint Bede's School
Lots of Smiles from the Children of Saint Bede's School.  Prefabricated Classrooms - probably 1960s.

[ Note High Row alongside the school. ]


Saint Bede's School
Original School Buildings on Heworth Rd, formerly New Road.

[ This site is now occupied by private houses. ]


Blue House Lane

Then - Blue House Lane
Havannah Terrace: left horizon.   Blue House: up the bank, on the right.   T. H. Cann Memorial Aged Miners' Homes: right.
Cyclists approaching footpath (left through fields, just beyond Well Bank Rd) to Village Lane & Raft Yard.


Now Picture
Note how the approach road to the 'new' roundabout leaves the original line of Blue House Lane.
Havannah Terrace has gone and the 'new' Havannah Road travels left from the roundabout.

[ Photo: J.G. 19th Jan 2017 ]


Blue House
Blue House

Havannah Terrace Coop
Havannah Terrace Co-operative Store.


The entrance to Blue House is just down the bank, on the left.   The Miners' Cottages are further down, also on the left.


Susan Peareth's School (Founded 1814) - Top of Well Bank

School House
Founded & funded by widow Mrs Susan Peareth, Lady of Peareth Hall, to teach
reading, writing & numeracy to local children of poor families.

[ Photo by John Routledge of the Blue Bell Inn ]


Blue Bell & School House
Blue Bell Inn   -   Susan Peareth's School   -   Top of Well Bank Road   -   Penshaw Monument (lost in a bright sky)   -   'F' Pit Heap


School House, gone!
Blue Bell Inn   -   Grass Plot where Susan Peareth's School once stood  -   Top of Well Bank Road   -   Penshaw Monument

[ Photo: J.G. 1st Dec 2016 ]


Behind the Blue Bell
The south-facing apex of Susan Peareth's School
and the street behind the Blue Bell Inn

The 25 Bus on Well Bank
The 25 Bus making its way past the School Entrance.


Mrs Peareth lived a short walk away.  Click Me to find out where.


Municipal Terrace / Spout Lane

Horse & Cart
Municipal Terrace ( 5 chimney pots per house! )     Spout Lane     Straight ahead to New Inn Corner.


Spout Lane: just up the bank from the A1231 (Sunderland Highway) which now blocks this road.   [ June 2014 ]

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Construction of the A1231 Sunderland Highway Pedestrian Underpass.
[ Note the temporary by-pass road. ]


1950 Map
A Major Thoroughfare to Houghton-le-Spring
[ 1950s ]

2000 Map
[ 2000 ]