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Memories of  Washington

Then & Now Collection  ( 2/8 )

The Pillar Box on Front Street

Post Office
Front Street, New Washington  -  Lots of customers at the Post Office  -  Photo by Francis Frith


No Post Office!
Front Street, Concord  -  No Post Office!

[ Photo: J.G. 10th Jan 2017 ]


Victoria Road viewed from Front Street

Front Street - Then 1
Can you recall the Pubs & Shops of your youth whose buildings feature in this picture?
Some have changed their names; some are long gone e.g. Den-Lea Electricals.

[ 1960: My first record player came from Den-Lea's.  Hint: Compare the roof guttering. ]


Front Street - Now.
[ Photo: J.G. 28th Dec 2016 ]


Front Street - Then 2
Front Street & Victoria Road


Front Street & New Inn viewed from Victoria Road

New Inn Corner - Then 1
THEN  (1 of 2)
Front Street, New Inn, Spout Lane and Victoria Road


New Inn Corner - Now 1.
NOW  (1 of 2)
The main road has been moved to the left and the entrance to Spout Lane has been pedestrianized

[ Photo: J.G. 19th Jan 2017 ]

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New Inn & Victoria Road viewed from Front Street

New Inn Corner - Then 2
THEN  (2 of 2)
Front Street, Predecessor to the Bird Inn, New Inn & Spout Lane.  Cross Victoria Road to New Rows & Manor Road.

[ Posted by kind permission of Beamish Museum Resource Centre ]


New Inn Corner - Now 2.
NOW  (2 of 2)
The main road and pedestrian precinct, middle-right, stand on the former site of New Rows.

[ Photo: J.G. 23rd Jan 2017 ]


Spout Lane, The Coop & Victoria Road

New Inn Corner - Then 3
THEN  (1 of 2)
The Cooperative Store on Spout Lane was New Washington's very own super-store.

[ The Butchery Department had its own abattoir.  Once, in the Butcher's Shop with my Mam, I was allowed to hold the bolt gun.  Wow! ]


New Inn Corner - Now 3.
NOW  (1 of 2)
Spout Lane is no longer a through road.

[ Photo: J.G. 18th Oct 2017 ]

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The Main Road to Houghton-Le-Spring

New Inn Corner - Between Now & Then.
Spout Lane: Leading to 'The Comrades' playing fields, Washington Miners' Welfare Hall,
The Police Station, Washington Grammar School and Washington Village.

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The Coop viewed from Spout Lane

Spout Lane / Coop - Then 2
THEN  (2 of 2)
Main Building: Drapery / Department / Dairy Dept / Greengrocery.   New Inn Corner - Victoria Road - New Rows Terrace.

[ The alley between The Coop Buildings leads to the Alexandra Theatre, later the Regal Cinema.  In 1904, New Rows was in the Parish of Usworth. ]


Spout Lane / Coop - Now 2.
NOW  (2 of 2)
Spout Lane is no longer a through road and the New Inn is now called the New Tavern.

[ Photo: J.G. 30th Oct 2017 ]


Front Street viewed via Victoria Road

Victoria Road / Ritz - Then
Photograph taken at the junction of Victoria Road, Blue House Lane and Heworth Road.
Note the sign pointing along Heworth Road and its shadow, bottom-centre.

[ N.B. This image combines good and poor quality versions of the same picture.   The best version didn't contain the road sign and the poor version omitted the shadow. ]


Victoria Road - Now.
The main road runs where New Rows houses once stood and the site of the former Ritz Cinema is now a Co-op Funeral Parlour.

[ Photo: J.G. 10th Jan 2017 ]


Saint Bede's Church

Saint Bede's Church - construcion
Saint Bede's R.C. Church was built in 1965.

[Entrance to Coach Road Estate from Heworth Road - opposite Douglas Terrace. ]


Saint Bede's Church - 23 April 2018
Half a Century Later.

[ Photo: J.G. on Saint George's Day, 2018 ]


Map 1951
THEN - 1951
Saint Bede's School, but no Coach Road Estate!

[ School between 'The Flat Tops' and High Row. ]


Map circa early 1960s
THEN - Early 1960s
Saint Bede's School & The Coach Road Estate - no Saint Bede's Church, yet!

[ The Cross marks the future location of Saint Bede's Church. ]

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Saint Bede's School

Saint Bede's School
Lots of Smiles from the Children of Saint Bede's School.  Prefabricated Classrooms - probably 1960s.

[ Note High Row alongside the school. ]


Saint Bede's School
Original School Buildings on Heworth Rd, formerly New Road.

[ This site is now occupied by private houses. ]